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Sarah Cunningham, Marketing and Programs Director at The Society of Arts and Crafts reminisces about childhood’s creative spark:
“During the summers of my childhood, my sister and I spent our time in a family cabin without access to a television. Instead of idling indoors, we were constantly encouraged to engage in creative craft projects. Whether making dried flower collages, building sculptures out of found objects and hot glue, or fabricating Gaudi-style sand fortresses, these whimsical projects truly spawned my life long love for crafts. Though my childhood level of craftsmanship was certainly a far cry from the innovative work that surrounds my adult life, I recognize that my passion for craft was solidified through the process of making at such a young age. In this way, I am constantly struck by art. Every time I encounter the whimsical and uninhibited creations of our youth, I am reminded of the creative urge that is so integral to human nature.”

Society of Arts and Crafts
175 Newbury Street, Boston, MA 02116
The Society of Arts and Crafts may be America’s oldest non-profit craft organization, but its programs are freshly infused with vibrant, contemporary work. The upcoming exhibition, ‘The Tag Project/ Executive Order 9066’ displays works by American-born, Japanese artist Wendy Maruyama, and attests to SAC’s involved definition of craft. Maruyama began her career as a furniture maker, but her craftsmanship developed in concurrence with her concepts. Coupling new materials and processes – paper, image transfers, and encaustic – with fine woodworking, Maruyama produces contemporary pieces that pay homage to both her ethnic and artistic heritage; ‘The Tag Project/ Executive Order 9066’ explores the internment of Japanese Americans in the United States during WWII. By maintaining a progressive definition of craft, The Society of Arts and Crafts continues to fulfill its century-old mission to promote excellence and educate the public in craft with boundary-bending exhibitions.

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