The Daily Drink: Maitake Hot and Sour Soup

By Cathy Huyghe

"This is a complex dish, with the meatiness of the mushrooms and the tart citrus of the blood oranges playing off each other. But “complex,” at least when it comes to a beverage pairing, means opportunity! Decide for yourself which of those features you’d like to highlight. If it’s the meaty earthiness of the mushrooms, you might try a Pinot Noir such as the A to Z Pinot Noir from Oregon for $14.

If you’d rather play with the tartness of the blood oranges, you might explore any number of cocktail recipes that use that ingredient such as a Margarita, a Cosmopolitan, or a Champagne cocktail. Extra points for using the same ingredient in your dish as well as your drink!

Chef Tsai’s team recommends the 2007 Mas de la Dame Rosé du Mas from Provence ($15)."

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