The Daily Drink: Italian-Style Corn

By Cathy Huyghe

"Few foods say summer like corn on the cob. And few drinks go along with corn on  the cob — or summer! — like lemonade. It’s a perfect combo because corn is sweet and lemonade is, of course, sour.

Here’s a refresher on perfect lemonade: start with 1 cup sugar, 1 cup water, 1 cup lemon juice, and 3 to 4 cups water (to dilute the mix). Heat 1 cup of water and the sugar until the sugar is dissolved completely, then add it to the cup of lemon juice and add as much of the 3-4 remaining cups of water to suit your taste.  Chill. Serve with lemon slices as garnish.

Cathy Huyghe writes for the WGBH Daily Dish blog. Read new WGBH Daily Dish posts every weekday, where you can explore myriad ways and places to experience good food and wine."

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