The Art Drive


Maddy Bragar, an artist featured on The Art Drive, talks about the inspiration she draws from the land around her:
“People often ask me why I moved to Westport.  My answer is simple: the light.  The same light and air that grow grapes for wine, provides an incomparable foggy day, and a pink sky at night, puts many artists here in the mode to create, totally immersed in the landscape of the sea, air, and change of seasons. I find my source of inspiration and materials in the natural world surrounding me. My interest is in the erosion of time on objects related to the sea and nearby farmlands. My studio in Westport has brought my work into the pine trees, the ever changing seascape, and the places where people work with their hands over generations of seasons respecting the elements that simultaneously challenge and sustain their existence.” 

Adrift, 2012, Maddy Bragar

The Art Drive
August 11 & 12, 2012
Dartmouth and Westport, MA
The Art Drive in Dartmouth and Westport, MA, features a vibrant coastal community of seasoned artists inspired by living in the environs of the seacoast, forests and light. Their work, be it in paint, ceramics, wood, metal or found objects is disciplined, intentional and shown in galleries and shows nationwide. Now in it’s fifth year, The Art Drive is one of the few curated studio art drives, opening the doors of creative work spaces for this one weekend in the summer to welcome everyone to be inspired by the perceptions, imagination, and passion experienced in the creative process.

Wings, 2012, Maddy Bragar

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