Teachers' Union Would Link Evaluations With MCAS Scores

By Andrea Smardon

Dec. 22, 2010

BOSTON — The largest teachers union in Massachusetts is endorsing the use of student test scores to assess teachers' performance.

The Massachusetts Teacher's Union unveiled the plan for the unprecedented evaluation system at the state's Board of Education meeting on Tuesday. Under the union’s plan, trends in student MCAS scores would be included in the evaluation system.   

State Education Secretary Paul Reville applauded Toner and the Massachusetts Teachers Association for making a bold proposal.

"I think just the introduction of the idea that for the first time, we’re really going to say something that is common sense to most parents — that the quality of the teacher has an impact on the quantity of student learning — to introduce that into our evaluation systems is huge," Reville said.

But President Paul Toner says that scores are only part of the criteria.  Toner says the plan calls for multiple measures of student learning, including classroom observation.  

“The reason we’re coming out with our policy paper is to get our voice out there in this discussion about how teachers should be evaluated going forward," Toner said. "We want to help our teachers support their students in the classroom by giving them positive, useful evaluations to help them improve their practice.”  

The state Board of Elementary and Secondary Education draft regulations on educator evaluations will be presented next month. The final vote is schedule for March.  
MTA Policy Brief: Reinventing Educator Evaluation


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