Summer Arts Weekend: It's All About Balance with Flooky and The Beans

By Stacy Buchanan

July 24, 2012

Flooky and the Beans (photo credit: Ryan Welch, 2012.)

Bobo Bean: "You may be wondering: where do we come from? How did we get here? What is a robot doing hanging around with a bunch of beans?"

Flooky, the Robot Boy: "Well, I wanted to teach the Beans about the wonders of technology!"

Emma Bean: “And we want to show Flooky the beauty and natural wonders of nature!"

Then together they sing the praises of keeping a balance between both, a quality that is never too early (or late) to learn, especially in our age of being constantly connected. And that’s what Flooky and the Beans, a Boston-based children’s music group about a robot obsessed with technology that makes friends with a bunch of beans who appreciate the beauty of nature, are all about.

“The nature/technology question is something we all seem to struggle with in this modern world,” says Rob Zammarchi (Bobo Bean). “We are all encouraged to keep up with the latest innovations in tech and incorporate them into our daily lives. While it is exciting to explore the possibilities, it seems many of us are seeking to find the proper balance and get back to the simple pleasures of nature.”

It was back in the ‘90s when Rob and his wife Emily (Emma Bean) first began recording children’s songs. Shortly after, the duo set out to further develop the characters and a concept for an animated cartoon series. But after having children of their own, and attending live performances by The Wiggles and Dan Zanes and Friends, they saw new opportunity and turned their work into a live action children's entertainment program.

Now Flooky the Robot and Bobo, Emma, Pepi, and Jojo Bean take to the stage providing children ages three to eight with an engaging live show that incorporates a combination of learning intelligences including music, vocabulary, and math. It’s an environment where they’re empowered to be active decision makers, explore their curiosity, and most important, have fun!

Flooky and the Beans will be performing on the main stage at the Boston Summer Arts Weekend at 11am on Saturday, July 28th.


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