Simple Gifts

By Laura Carlo

Tuesday, Nov. 30

I'm sorry to see November go. I still love October best, but November has its special charms. I love the days when you can smell the neighbors' fireplaces, when all the leaves are gone and you can see through the woods almost to the other side, when the air is crisp and clean...but you don't have to slog through mushy snow.

I love the days we celebrate in November....Veterans Day and Thanksgiving, two of the most important holidays of the year when we say "thanks." I love unfolding the special Thanksgiving tablecloth, using it and ironing it again before putting it away. I love that for 21 years the Russell's family has invited me to their Garden Center to be a part of their pre-holiday decorating event. I love to "start laying in the provisions" for the winter---lots of everything not perishable piled up on my pantry shelves so that a surprise winter storm means nothing is ever frantic, and instead it means hot cocoa and cozy.

I love finding the time to be quiet in November. I love getting and receiving a November letter. I love the simple gifts. For Tuesday, I'll play Aaron Copland's "Simple Gifts," and send off November with a salute and a sigh. What are the simple things that make your day?

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