Sci-Fi in Somerville

By Callie Crossley

Feb. 10, 2012


BOSTON — Callie talks with Garen Daly, film critic, host and curator of the 37th annual, 10-day Boston Sci-Fi Film Festival. It’s an intergalactic, extra-terrestrial occasion where robots, vampires, aliens, and human imposters drop through the space-time continuum, blow up cars, dance and sing on the big screen.

Hear about fantasy and science fiction films that have come from all reaches of the universe--Bollywood, Estonia, and Maine--for a debut screening. One Daly is especially eager to present is PIG, Winner of the Best Feature at the London Sci-Fi Film Fest, Shreikfest and Schockerfest, the film is about a man who wakes up in the desert with no memory. A beautiful woman and her son nurse him back to health.

For those skeptics who wonder what a Sci-Fi film fest might have for them, Daly recommends the full experience of the 24-Hour Sci-Fi Marathon, from Feb. 19-20th. "Even if you don't stay for the whole thing," Daly says, "it's such a community of people...." Once a year, 600 people come together to enjoy this event.

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