By Paul Epsom


"By Paul Epsom from The Victory Garden
Posted on July 9, 2010

This month and next, it really is time to take time to smell the roses—not only your own, but if you have time, go out and visit some of the public gardens in your area.

Since we're into July, check the soil moisture daily in pots and baskets. They will likely need a good soaking almost every day. Water roses until you see water dripping from the bottom of the container—or if your roses are in the ground—water them until the ground is drenched.

Pruning roses is extremely important. Hopefully, back in the spring, you gave your roses a basic pruning—removing the dead, broken or diseased wood left over after the winter. Throughout the summer, you should prune your roses after the plant has bloomed. Pruning the actual flowers themselves encourages growth and by removing the flower buds, it helps to establish a new plant.

Also important—feed them! With liquid rose feed, if you have it. And weed them! Don't let weeds live in and round the bushes.

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