Panorama Argentino

Feb. 10, 2014

Pianist Mirian Conti has released the second volume of an exploration of music from her native Argentina on the Steinway label.

Mirian Conti

Mirian Conti (photo courtesy of the artist)

Mirian Conti may at first strike you as an artist with a conventional - if distinguished - career. Based in New York and trained at Juilliard, where she serves on the faculty of the Evening Division, she has released recordings of Frederic Chopin's Mazurkas and of music by contemporary composers like Benjamin Lees and Katherine Hoover. She was selected as one of Juilliard's "100 Outstanding Alumni" in a celebration of the school's centenary in 2005.

But along with those markers of a rich life in music, Mirian Conti has a deep relationship with music from Argentina, where she was born. Two years ago, that led to Nostalgias Argentinas, a recording on the Steinway label.

Featuring less commonly heard composers like Julian Plaza, Horacio Salgán, and Carlos López Buchardo, it served as an ear-opening introduction for many listeners to the vibrancy of music from Argentina and the rest of South America.

Panorama ArgentinoFortunately, it was only Volume 1. Now Conti has released a continuation of that exploration in Panorama Argentino. Skewing slightly later in timeframe, Volume 2 of Piano Music of Argentina features some early Twentieth Century composers, but some from later in the last century, like Remo Pignoni and Carlos Guastavino. Full of distinctively South American colors and rhythms that go well beyond the all-dominant Tango of Argentina, Conti's performances remind us that, no matter how much more there is to experience in music than what we see on the surface. 

Learn more about Panorama Argentino from ArkivMusic, and see video below of Mirian Conti in a performance of music by Franz Liszt:


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