Oct. 7: ¡España!

By Laura Carlo

¡Hola! You may have figured out with a last name Carlo my family’s ancestry is Italian, but I have long-suspected that I could be the reincarnation of some Spanish señorita (my comedic attempts at flamenco dancing aside). I’ve always been drawn to the foods, history, music and art of both Spain and the Americas.  I have also always liked the rich sound of the Spanish language which is so similar to Italian so it was easy to study in high school (South American pronunciation) and then I went on to advanced study in college (Castilian).  I added history and literature courses. I’ve explored every Spanish and Latin American restaurant within a half-tank’s drive from Boston, forcing countless friends to broaden their horizons with me. You see, at one point I thought I’d be joining the diplomatic corps and while studying French, German, Russian and Mandarin Chinese were fun for me, Spanish became a passion. My career path went another way...but Spain and Mexico and Peru and Argentina are still in my sight.  You may have noticed that I’ve been including more music by Hispanic composers and performers to my morning playlist recently and not just because Hispanic National Heritage Month is happening (from September 15th to October 15th). This morning I’ll be playing a piece by late 19th-early 20th century Spanish composer Enrique Granados I’ve never played on my show before.  Argentine pianist Alma Petchersky plays Allegre de Concierto with impressive assuredness.  Join me, “Laura the Explorer,” for piano music flavored with saffron and the Mediterranean sun!

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