Oct. 7: Anderson & Roe

By Cathy Fuller

On September 24th, we nestled our two Steinways together and  surrounded them with as many chairs as we possibly could in our Fraser Performance Studio.  The evening was dedicated to two young  pianists who are frequently mistaken for husband and wife because of their uncanny ability to read each other’s every musical move.  And to have extreme amounts of fun!  They are Greg Anderson and Elizabeth Joy Roe.  They’ve been described as “Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers transposed from the dance floor to the keyboard,” and it’s true – their technique allows them a freedom and synchronization that audiences react wildly to.  But make no mistake, they are consummate classical musicians with marvelous instincts and extreme discipline.  They have written some extraordinary transcriptions of orchestral and popular music that will surely become standard fare for many piano duos.  They just happen to have filmmaking talents as well, and their YouTube videos are wildly popular.  

Our Guest Street Session with them was a huge success.  You can hear it tonight at 7:00 on Live From Fraser.

Learn more about the duo at andersonroe.net, and check out this video of the same piece that begins our program tonight:

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