Murphy: Streamline BPS Transport Costs

By WGBH News

Jan. 5, 2010

Boston City Council's new President Murphy says these guys are costing the city more than they should. (Wikimedia)

BOSTON -- Boston's new City Council president knows one of his biggest challenges will be helping the council find ways to cut spending.

City Councilor-At-Large Stephen Murphy was sworn in as president on Monday, replacing outgoing president Councilor Mike Ross.

He thinks cost-cutting could start with school transportation. The city currently spends about $80 million every year on bussing. 
"They should be cutting back 200 buses everyday. If they did that they’d be saving 25 million dollars there," Murphy said on WGBH's Greater Boston.

Murphy says it's a question of management. "I think you simply have to route them, fill them up. Don’t have them riding around the city empty," Murphy said. 

The Boston Public Schools voted in December to close nine public schools, which officials say can help cut inefficiencies related to transportation costs and empty seats.

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