Make Your Own Quack Pond At Home

Looking for ways to incorporate crafts into your favorite WGBH Kids shows? Angel Street Mom and her kids recently previewed the new season of Peep and the Big Wide Word, and had a wonderful day making crafts of the characters and Quack’s pond.

“This is a really fun kids craft to do for any imaginative mind. Just get some construction paper, googly eyes, pipe cleaners, and fondue skewers and let your creativity go bananas…or carrots…or eggplants…or….well, you get the idea,” says Angel Street Mom. “For Quack’s hat I used one large marshmallow (cut in half), and one mini marshmallow, then stuck a toothpick through the center to keep it in place. The legs are fondue skewers, painted black. Quack’s feet are made out of construction paper, and the others have black pipe cleaner pieces for feet."

Angel Street Mom’s three daughters painted Quack a new pond (since his was taken over by another duck). Check out the video featuring animations of the characters, and view the full blog post.

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