Per Monsieur Pisendel 2

September 2, 2014

Adrian Chandler, Gareth Deats, Robert Howarth, and Thomas Dunford delve back into the life and legacy of baroque era violinist Johann Georg Pisendel.


Passion is infectious. This summer our CD of the Week feature has explored artists digging into their own passions and identities, bring a contemporary lens to wonderful moments in music history and their own lives. Nicola Benedetti, for example, located her own heritage in Homecoming: A Scottish FantasyPablo Heras-Casado and Concerto Köln explored the time famed castrato "Farinelli" spent in Spain with their album, El Maestro Farinelli. Monsieur Pisendel was Adrian Chandler's debut album in 2003, and it established him as one of the world’s leading authorities in baroque music. 


Now in  Per Monsieur Pisendel 2, Chandler and three members of La Serenissima return to the composer at the center of that debut album, transporting the listener back in time to the incredible talent of Johann Georg Pisendel, one of the most famous violinists in Germany in the first half of the 18th century. Works by Vivaldi, Albinoni, and Montanari, along with those by Pisendel himself mix French and Italian elements, a combination that the ensemble tackles with a distinctly effervescent quality. 

One of Pisendel's sonatas is a fiendishly difficult work for unaccompanied violin, a work that may have inspired Bach to compose his own set of iconic solos works for the instrument. While this album is a tour through the baroque, it also feels personal, thoughtful, and full of musical insight.

The music presented here demonstrates that Pisendel's music is as triumphant and magical as it was considered to be in his own time. No matter how virtuosic some pieces or passages are, Chandler masters them with ease and refinement. His differentiation of the notes, and the shaping of the phrases is brilliant. In all, this album is an eloquent, passionate, and successful plea for Pisendel's music, and for the era in which he played it.

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