Jared Bowen's Arts Ahead: Now With Even More Carnage

By Jared Bowen

Jan. 12, 2012

god of carnage

Christy Pusz in "God of Carnage" at the BU Theatre. (T. Charles Erickson/Huntington Theatre Co.)

BOSTON — It's blood and gore all over the place in the Boston arts scene this week. Well, more like razor wit, black comedy and red paint.

SpeakEasy Stage Company
Calderwood Pavilion
Through Feb. 4
Better than the Broadway production.
Hymn to the Earth: Photographs by Ron Rosenstock
Worcester Art Museum
Through Mar. 18
Rosenstock is based in central Mass. but travels around the world taking these transporting photographs. The museum is a hidden gem. Watch the interview on "Greater Boston."
"God of Carnage"
Huntington Theatre Company
BU Theatre
Through Feb. 5
Two highly evolved New York couples meet to discuss their children's schoolyard fight — and get into their own fight. Uproarious, raucous and a little tragic.
In limited release at the Kendall and Embassy theaters
Opens Jan. 13
Roman Polanski directs a slightly adapted version of the play with a terrific cast that includes Jodie Foster.
"Joyful Noise"
A would-be grown-up "Glee" starring Queen Latifah and Dolly Parton turns out to be carnage on the screen. Not recommended.

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