Jared Bowen's Arts Ahead For November 10–13

By Jared Bowen

Nov. 10, 2011

lady macbeth

Carter Scott plays Lady Macbeth in the Boston Lyric Opera production. (Erik Jacobs for BLO, 2011)

BOSTON — Who needs "Anonymous"? Boston arts institutions feature love, Shakespeare and Shakespearean love this weekend.
“Romeo and Juliet”
Boston Ballet
Runs through Nov. 13

A classically lush and epic production of Shakespeare’s tragic romance uses Prokofiev’s intense score to its fullest. John Cranko’s choreography brings the audience right into the tight-knit community of Verona. And dancer Misa Kuranaga, who alternates the role of Juliet with Erica Cornejo, comes into her own.
Aphrodite and the Gods of Love
Museum of Fine Arts
Runs through Feb. 20, 2012

Could this be the first time the classical goddess has been the subject of a museum exhibition? That’s what the MFA says. Its collection of often saucy vessels, coins, mirrors and more plunge you into Aphrodite’s seductive, life-giving world. Several items rarely shown outside Italy indicate the progress the MFA has made mending bridges with the keepers of Italian antiquities.
Greek poets thought this goddess was created even before Zeus, curator Christine Kondoleon said. “She’s primal. And she’s of course generative. She creates procreation, she creates fertility. When she first steps on land, she steps on the island of Cypress, near Papos, grass grows between her toes."
Boston Lyric Opera
Runs through Sunday, Nov. 13

Boston Lyric Opera starts its season with a production of the Verdi opera that eschews traditional Elizabethan dress for a plunge into the psychological journey of the Scottish protagonist, using a dark set with bodies hanging from the ceiling to show a world and mind that are quickly falling apart.
On “Greater Boston,” director David Schweizer said, “To me there almost is no literal way to interpret a nightmare, a dream gone awry like 'Macbeth.' I think it exists in a dreamlike reality. So what you need to find is a stage world that has its own credibility as a container for these dreams, these obsessive behaviors.”

Selections from Verdi's Macbeth from Boston Lyric Opera on Vimeo.

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