Happy New Year!

By Laura Carlo

Feb. 1

Happy New Year!

My husband's last name translates from its Portuguese roots to "rabbit." (I guess that makes us the Bunny Family). This Thursday, February 3rd, is the first day of Chinese New Year, the Year of the Rabbit. The Chinese Zodiac consists of twelve animals, including Dog, Snake, Rat, Pig, Dragon, al with fine characteristics---but the Year of the Rabbit has caught my ear because of hubs' last name and, as I understand it, it is considered the “luckiest” of all the signs. Whether or not you were born in the Year of the Rabbit (with the personal qualities of being articulate, friendly but shy, with the ability to become good teachers and counselors) this year is described as one in which we all should take a breath and calm our nerves, and can be open to peace negotiations. There are other more “powerful” zodiac signs.... but given the state of the world today I'm grateful this is the Year of the Rabbit. On Thursday morning I ‘ll play at least one piece an hour celebrating contributions of Chinese musicians, including Yo Yo Ma and Yundi Li. Please join me!

And for more information on Boston's Chinese New Year celebrations, visit Boston Discovery Guide.

(image:  Chinese New Year celebration, New York, 2008;  from Wikimedia Commons)

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