For March, a Celebration of Women in Music

By Laura Carlo


March 2

History is herstory too.  ~Author Unknown

March ... it is said ... roars in like a lion. Hmm, she smiles as she remembers the opening line of the 1972 song co-written and sung by Helen Reddy, “I am Woman, hear me roar..." which became the “anthem” to the women’s liberation movement.


March is “Women’s History Month” and I invite you to join me as we highlight the contributions of women to classical music, be they composers, conductors or performers. They are lionesses all - some were trailblazers - Amy Beach, Mary Alice Smith, Marin Alsop.  Some were ahead of their time - Fanny Mendelssohn, Sabine Meyer.  And some, who came into the scene when the dust settled down, have done their gender proud - Midori, Alondra De La Parra (pictured above). Please join me every weekday morning this month, in the 7am hour, as we hear of their accomplishments, achieved ... without anthem.

(image:  Robert Stolpe)

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