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Facebook's Zuckerberg Returns To Harvard

By WGBH News

Nov. 7, 2011

BOSTON — Facebook co-founder Mark Zuckerberg is in Boston Monday, making appearances at Harvard and MIT, where he’s trying to recruit new hires.

Zuckerberg went to Harvard himself, but this is his first trip back since he dropped out and left for Silicon Valley to start his massive online social network. He made waves in Boston’s tech and start-up community last week when, speaking at Stanford, he said Boston could have been a viable alternative. "Honestly, if I were starting now, I should have just stayed in Boston," Zuckerberg said.

Boston's start-up scene has grown since Zuckerberg left the city seven years ago. But Jeet Singh, the co-founder of RedStar, a Cambridge company that develops start-ups, told Kara Miller on WGBH's Innovation Hub that the city still has problems with its own social network that may be limiting for some entrepreneurs.

"Boston’s always been a rich source of talent of a lot of different kinds. A lot of the smartest people in Boston don’t actually talk to each other so much," Singh said. "The resource is there, but they don’t necessarily communicate."

Both of Zuckerberg's Monday recruiting talks are said to be private events.

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