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Chef Pelley's Pan Seared Scallops

Chef Brendan Pelley of Zebra's Bistro in Medfield will be part of this year's WGBH Food & Wine Festival. His scallops are served with a Parsnip Puree, Summer Succotash, and Corn Velout. Give it a try!

Parsnip Puree
2 # Peeled Fresh Parsnips
3 C Milk
2 Tablespoons Butter
Pinch of kosher salt
Peel and chop parsnips into smaller pieces
Place in a small pot and cover with milk
Simmer until tender
Using a slotted spoon, place parsnips in a blender with enough liquid to puree until smooth.
Summer Succotash
1 # Heirloom Tomatoes diced
1# Heirloom Squashes diced and roasted
1 # Fresh Shucked Corn cut off the cob and roasted
1 BU. Basil Leaves, torn
S + P to taste
Olive Oil

Mix all ingredients together.
To reheat: Add Succotash to a small pot or sauté pan with chopped garlic and a pad of butter.  Season with kosher salt.

Corn Veloute
2.5# Corn Kernels
2 C. Corn Stock
¼ # Butter
Pinch of Salt
Place corn kernels in a pot and cover with corn stock, simmer until corn is tender.
Add butter to pot and melt.
Add all ingredients to high speed blender and puree, pass through A chinois.

3 Large (U-10) Scallops per person
Salt & Pepper
Pinch of fresh thyme
Pat scallops dry and season with salt and fresh cracked balck pepper
Heat oil in a Pan until just smoking
Place scallops in pan and let sear to a nice golden brown about 1 minute
Flip and add thyme and butter
Baste with butter for about 1 minute
Remove and plate


Chef Brendan Pelley of Zebra's Bistro and Wine Bar in Medfield is participating in the Second Annual WGBH Food and Wine Festival, coming back to Guest St. this September 19-21.


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