At Upper Crust, A Good Relationship Goes Sour

By Lisa Mullins

Dec. 6, 2010

BOSTON -- Anchor Lisa Mullins speaks with Boston Globe reporter, Jenn Abelson, about her article on the relationship between undocumented workers from Brazil and the high-profile pizza store chain they helped build. What was initially a mutually beneficial relationship ended up souring amid allegations of denied pay and exploitation. Listen to the interview.

We received the statement below from Upper Crust following to our attempts to contact the company.

In the past we did in fact have an issue related to incorrectly managing overtime and were ordered to make a payment to current and former employees, which we did.  The checks were distributed and all but a few were cashed; and those few that were returned to us were turned over to the Department of Labor.  All of the checks were turned over to the journalist working on the story so she could review them.  Any allegation to the contrary is untrue.

After this issue was resolved we made some business decisions, and reduced some workers hours and hired other works to fill those additional hours at the regular hourly rate.  This made some employees understandably upset but it was best for the company and thus our employees -- we employee about 250 people in Massachusetts. We also made some additional staffers managers because we had hired a number of new employees in various locations and needed additional help in training, scheduling and overseeing their work."

George Regan
Upper Crust Spokesman

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