An Amadeus Affair


Mar. 24, 2014

Piano duo Anderson & Roe bring a unique combination of grace and excitement to Mozart's music, through both its original form and inventive arrangements.

To hear an live studio performance recorded at WCRB by Anderson & Roe, click on "Listen" above.

This is a story about a boy and a girl. They met during their freshman year of college. They discovered a unique chemistry that only made them want to spend more and more time together, "baring their souls," as they put it. A relationship developed that eventually turned into something ... serious. But it's not what you think.


Elizabeth Joy Roe and Greg Anderson are a piano duo. Their exquisitely planned videos and a stage presence with an undeniable spark may give the impression of a couple who also play piano together. But while very close friends, they are not a couple.

The mission of this pair is to "make classical music a relevant and powerful force around the world." Sometimes that's carried out through works explicitly written for piano duo by composers like Schubert and Debussy. Occasionally they reach across boundaries, bringing unexpected sounds into their realm, like Radiohead's Paranoid Android and Michael Jackson's Billie Jean. Their own works inject their concerts and recordings wtih an unprecedented originality. 

For their latest recording on the Steinway label, Anderson & Roe celebrate Mozart with the composer's own Sonata in D for Two PIanos, as well as works by Ferruccio Busoni and Franz Liszt that were inspired by Mozart's music. True to form, they've added their own take on selections from the operas Così fan tutte and The Magic Flute.

The collection adds up to an encounter with Mozart that reflects Anderson & Roe's own approach to music: multi-dimensional, faithful to the composer, and unlike any other performers.

Tune in to 99.5 WCRB throughout the week to hear selections from An Amadeus Affair. And to learn more visit Anderson & Roe online.

(photo of Anderson & Roe by Brent Cline)


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