Watch Night


Watch Night is a vigil kept on the last night of the year in church services that are thoughtful, solemn, soulful, joyous and celebratory. Congregants sing hymns, share testimonies and give thanks, offer up problems and mistakes of the old year and anticipate the blessings of the New Year.

"Watch Night" showcases this observance and highlights its unique, historic meaning for African American churches, illuminating and personalizing the significance of the service using historical diaries, interviews, music poetry and song.

In addition to the hour-long radio program, we will be providing this website to which listeners are referred for further information, indepth articles about the material, graphics and artwork—and a chance to listen to the program again online. So, in case your local public radio station doesn't carry the program this year, you'll be able to listen to it anyway!

The Program—Listen to the program online, view the playlist, etc.

The Production—Meet the host, the producer, the musicians and see what went into making this program.

The Project—Learn more about Watch Night, its history, music, personalities and their stories. Contribute your Watch Night memories and stories as well.

If you've heard the program and would like to make comments, or if you have questions, you can e-mail or write our producer:

Watch Night
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