Science City Outreach

Bringing It To The Kids:
Young Scientists' Commitment to Community

What avenues for community outreach exist for young scientists? Emily Heuske and Neville Sanjana, graduate students at MIT, talk about sharing their knowledge of science with local school children, and how that experience contributes to their own professional and intellectual development.

A Formative Experience
Emily HueskeWhere did the impetus originate for Emily to extend her expertise in science to volunteer in the community?

She credits a formative undergraduate experience.
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Neuroanatomy For Kids
Science class with 
Emily Hueske and Neville SanjanaHow did Emily and Neville build on Emily's undergraduate teaching experience to bring their own ineffable enthusiasm for science to the children of Cambridge and Boston?

With support from their institution and access to wonderful laboratories, they designed and taught a course in neuroanatomy.
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What Teaching Taught
Emily Hueske 
reflectsWhat are the benefits of teaching?

Emily reflects on the unforeseen benefits of how her volunteer science teaching has shaped who she is, informed her thinking, and deepened her studies.
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How Much Fun Is It?
Neville SanjanaWhat propelled Neville to teach young schoolchildren?

Clearly, it was the desire to share his own sense of excitement, and to let others in on the secret of how much fun science is.
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