Science Reporter

WGBH produced Science Reporter in the 1960s, during the days of Sputnik and the race to space. Host and science reporter John Fitch of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology went behind the scenes of America's space effort, visiting space centers from coast to coast.

What were scientists excited about in the 1960s? These three episodes of Science Reporter will take you back in time. (You'll need QuickTime 7.)

Inside the Haystack, 1964
watch Inside the Haystack
Two Men in front 
of the large dome Herbert Weiss of the Microwave Research Facility discusses the design and capabilities of a 120-foot radio antenna used for satellite communications, radar tracking, and radio astronomy.

Sounds from the Ground, 1964
watch Sounds from the Ground
seismometersPaul Green of the Seismic Discrimination Group explains how seismometers work and how, in an effort to distinguish an earthquake from an underground nuclear explosion, they are used to discern the direction and source of an underground disturbance.

Computer Sketchpad, 1964
watch Computer Sketchpad
scientist in front of 
computer screenSteven Coons, associate professor of mechanical engineering at MIT and codirector of the Computer-Aided Design Project, explains the principles of the graphical computer interface system "Sketchpad," used to graphically model and solve problems of mechanical engineering.