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ListenTommy, It's Chuck (11:07) | Download | Full transcript
Tom Cottle is held hostage by his dearest friend.

ListenI Know Mama, I Know (7:16) | Download
Eli Ingraham wonders which is harder - keeping a family secret or letting it out.

ListenThe Labyrinth (14:27) | Download | Full transcript
Jackie Lantry makes a path that never ends.

ListenOne More to Go (8:54) | Download | Full transcript
Tony and Gary open the Morning Stories mailbag one last time.

ListenHat In Hand (10:28) | Download| Full transcript
What's with Erica and Speedy? A story with two different endings.

ListenGrandfather (13:16) | Download | Full transcript
Tony Kahn looks in the mirror and realizes that his grandfather never left.

ListenMalcolm (13:34) | Download | Full transcript
Carol Henderson takes her parents and son wherever she goes.

ListenFather's Day (10:26) | Download | Full transcript
Jake Warga, Cyndy McCollough, and Tony Kahn hear back from their dads.

ListenShipment #6 (11:18) | Download | Full transcript
Mark Grashow and Sheri Salzburg prepare containers of ideas for African kids.

ListenThere Goes Me Someday (9:08) | Download | Full transcript
Nancy Cahners looks for eye contact in the darkness of Alzheimer's.

ListenA Million-Dollar Cookie (9:50) | Download | Full transcript
Kerstin Sinkevicius helps people through cancer research and cooking.

ListenMy Brother, the Doctor (11:26) | Download | Full transcript
Dr. Jim Kahn says there's more than one way to listen to a patient's heart.

ListenA Little Bit of Shelter (10:04) | Download | Full transcript
It took Lois Frazier 51 years to find a way out of the street.

ListenTrigger Happy (8:52) | Download | Full transcript
Jay Allison recalls how guns got under his skin.

listen StoryCorps (12:01) | Download | Full transcript
David Isay of Storycorps talks with Tony Kahn about the power of telling stories and of the love in listening.

This Is How I Wanted It This is How I Wanted it

listen Audio (8:13)

Watch Video (4:52)

Pauline Chen, a surgeon, learns what it means to take care of somebody. Pauline's latest book is Final Exam: A Surgeon's Reflections.
Download | Full transcript

Chicken à la Padulese This is How I Wanted it

listen Audio (13:30)

Watch Video (1:44)

Chef Franco Onorato mixes chicken, cream and a car dealership into a dish you'll never forget.
Download | Full Podcast transcript | Video transcript

listen This Woman Saved My Life (09:58) | Download | Full transcript
Harriet Reisen holds on for dear life atop a mountain in China.

listen Miss Zorn Has Work to Do (10:53) | Download | Full transcript
Rachel Zorn wants all her dates to have a chance to shine, so she calls their mothers. Also, Kate Magovern connects with others through storytelling.

listen His Name Was Cosmos (10:32) | Download | Full transcript
From Jordan, Peg Clement sees light in the African darkness. Also, we honor our transcribers' "prolifigancy."

listen Between the Lines (12:15) | Download | Full transcript
Liz from Georgia, Georgia from Utah, Cyndy from Virginia, and the Bride of Frankenstein tell us about new things they've been hearing in old stories. Also, news about our Transcription Project.

listen How Much Is He Costing You? (11:47) | Download | Full transcript
A pit bull mothers a pig, a rottweiler practices cardiology, and a mutt gets rich quick, from the pages of Ken Foster's new book, Dogs I Have Met.

listen Mother Duck, Revisited (8:20) | Download | Full transcript
Tony Kahn tells of a devoted mother duck who led her babies down the straight and narrow path to disaster. Also, a surprising offer of help from a devoted listener

listen Cold Call (12:11) | Download | Full transcript
Pastor Anne Robertson meets up with her father's ghost in Scotland.

listen Spacing Out (10:06) | Download | Full transcript
Mark Jenkins celebrates the joys of "inner space" on Martha's Vineyard. Tony Kahn tries to a help a frightened visitor from outer space on Cape Cod.

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