WGBH Union Negotiations


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WGBH, our employees, the union—we all depend on production. The more production we have, the more services we provide, the more money we raise, the more employees we have, etc. We have to recognize how the media industry and the public media system are changing, and take steps to remain competitive for production projects. (Although we produce content to be distributed through the public media system, we are competing with for-profit producers for those projects.)

Our hope is that we can get more production in-house by reducing our costs through various means like streamlined workflows. Indeed, our financial incentive is to do as much work in-house as possible. WGBH receives more money through a higher overhead and benefits charge on work done in-house than on work done through outside producers or service providers (subcontracting). Our building is a large production facility that we have an incentive to keep busy and used for production—look at our studios, edit suites, etc.

However, we must have the flexibility to respond to funders' needs and frankly, to get projects in the door. To ensure that we can do that, we must have the ability to subcontract—whether working with independent producers or other service providers.