WGBH Union Negotiations


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Employee and Management Sacrifice During the Recession

WGBH's guiding principle throughout the recession has been to look to management for sacrifices first and not ask union members to make sacrifices that management has not already made. Therefore, we:

  • Reduced VP salaries, and reduced CEO and COO salaries even more;
  • Reduced some director and manager salaries;
  • Froze all other manager and non-union salaries;
  • Reduced the hours of at least one VP and some directors and managers;
  • Discontinued the retirement contribution match for all management (including VPs, CEO and COO) and non-union.


We approached the two unions that represent staff. NABET, the union that represents engineering staff, agreed to freeze their wages and give up their retirement contribution match. During the first year, AEEF/CWA agreed to forego some of their raise. In future years, they would not agree to forego their raises and they refused to discontinue their retirement contribution match. When we were able to restore a retirement contribution match for management, we were only able to restore it at half the level it was before the recession. NABET agreed to receive the same match as management. AEEF/CWA refused to reduce its match, so until implementation of the final proposal, AEEF members received twice the retirement contribution match as all other employees in the Foundation.