WGBH Union Negotiations


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Why AEEF/CWA Should Accept WGBH's Final Proposal

WGBH strongly believes that we all—WGBH, AEEF/CWA, AEEF/CWA members, and all other employees—will be better off if WGBH and AEEF/CWA have an agreement. We are interdependent in that we all depend on a strong WGBH for success.

A strong WGBH means that the mission and community are better served; a strong WGBH means that employees are compensated for their hard work and have better job security; and a strong WGBH means job creation.

An agreement containing the terms set forth in WGBH's final proposal would position WGBH, its employees and the union to adapt to the rapidly changing media industry and to meet head-on the financial challenges to the public media system—in other words, create the conditions for a stronger WGBH.

We have urged AEEF/CWA to accept our final proposal because:

  • WGBH will have more flexibility in how it produces content. This will lead to an increase in our production volume as we are more competitive for projects. That, in turn, would lead to the ability to invest in more production, compensate employees, and hopefully create more jobs;
  • All employees—both AEEF/CWA members and all other employees—will have more flexibility to learn and grow in their positions by having the opportunity to perform work irrespective of whether it is in their job descriptions or is defined as "union" or "management" work;
  • Employees will receive guidance and education to develop new skills, and will have an opportunity for reevaluation of their position and compensation in the event that responsibilities grow through taking on different work;
  • All employees will have a strong compensation and benefits package and the opportunity to be financially rewarded for good performance;
  • WGBH will have more flexibility to adjust its expenses to respond to unusual revenue declines, meaning more ways for responding to deficit situations, which in turn means more ways to minimize layoffs;
  • WGBH, the union and its members will have a contract that is clear, easy to understand, and current with the industry—no more 100+ page contract full of carve-outs and side letters that only a few people can understand.