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Interesting things are happening in the WGBH studios every day. From news and interview programs to productions utilizing special effects, we do a wide variety of work.
89.7 WGBH Promo
"Hey" The Singhs music video
High School Quiz Show Season 4
Market Warriors Season 1

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Studios | WGBH

4,500-square-foot main studio with light grid

1,860-square-foot studio with light grid

220-seat HD theater

Dramatic, production-ready location

Full-service post suite rental

Special event services

For more information contact:

(617) 300-2000
Ed Chuk x2354
Kim Neger x2579

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Audio Post

Video Editing

Leased Suites


For more information contact:

(617) 300-2000
Beth Godlin Lillis x2213
Chris Fournelle x5378
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