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Facts about the WGBH Community Advisory Board

What is the WGBH Community Advisory Board?
The Community Advisory Board (CAB) was created in 1979 by the WGBH Board of Trustees in response to federal legislation requiring public broadcasters to establish such boards. Today it remains one of the most active CABs among public broadcasting stations. It offers an outside perspective on matters pertaining to WGBH's responsiveness to the diverse educational and cultural needs and interests of the communities it serves. Although the CAB's role is solely advisory in nature, it has made valuable recommendations that have affected the station's policies and programming.

How many members on the Board?
There are from 25 to 30 members serving three-year terms. The terms are staggered, with new members selected each year.

How often do they meet?
The CAB has approximately seven evening meetings a year. Meetings are not held during the summer months.

What does the CAB do?
Historically, the CAB has set its own agenda, working with the WGBH management to select current issues and topics affecting public broadcasting. The meetings provide an opportunity for briefings on the issues and for small group discussions. The CAB uses this information to prepare an annual report and recommendations to the WGBH Board of Trustees.

Who are the Board members?
CAB members come from a broad cross section of the WGBH viewing and listening audiences. They have widely differing backgrounds, experiences and interests. They range in age from young adults to seniors. Members are not asked to represent an organization or special interest group; they are asked to participate as individuals who bring with them unique experiences, interests and ideas that help to shape their perspectives as they serve in this advisory capacity.

What is the selection process?
Nominations to the CAB are invited from community groups, educational and cultural institutions, past and present CAB members, WGBH Boards and individuals. The nominees are notified and asked to complete an application form. A screening committee, drawn from WGBH’s Boards, reviews all candidates. The committee selects several more candidates than there are vacancies. These candidates are invited to the station for a meeting and an informal orientation. The WGBH Board of Trustees makes its appointments to the CAB from this final group of candidates.


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