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The calico lobster known as Calvin is shown in this photo provided by Boston's New England Aquarium. The lobster is dark with bright orange and yellow spots.

Rare Calico Lobster Turns Heads, And Escapes Dinner Menu

A calico lobster that had been living in obscurity off the coast of Maine has now been catapulted into a sort of celebrity, thanks to its rare coloring: a calico mix of orange and yellow spots. Researchers say it could be a 1-in-30 million specimen.
Pusuke and his human, Yumiko Shinohara, in December 2010.

Pusuke, World's Oldest Dog, Dies At Age 26 (Or 125 In 'Human Years')

The Shiba mix was fine until Monday, his owner says. He died quietly, surrounded by his human family in Japan.

The Secret Life Of The Other Alan Feuer

In 2000, New York Times reporter Alan Feuer learned that there was another man in the city with the same name. He contacted the other Feuer — a society man in his 60s who had a British accent — but it wasn't until the elder died that the journalist learned his friend's true identity.

Confronting Your Crown: Male Pattern Baldness

Balding men have decisions to make: Go with a comb-over, take medication, get hair plugs or a toupee, or do nothing at all. So when New York Times contributing editor Daniel Jones started losing his hair, he chose what he considers a "cooler alternative" — head shaving.

'Boring' And 'Dull,' Ho-Hum Sister Cities At Last

The communities of Boring, Oregon and Dull, Scotland have discovered one another and are seeking to become "sister" communities. Their respective names have amused visitors in the past and they believe officially linking their names will be a boon to both communities. Robert Siegel speaks with Stephen Bates of the Boring Community Planning Organization and Tom Prongle, secretary of the Dull Community Council.

'Slacks,' 'Moist,' 'Dude': The Worst Words Ever?

Ben Greenman of The New Yorker is holding a contest to purge some words from the English language.

Strange Time To Be A Governor

If the rule of threes holds, it's a strange time to be a U.S. governor. From bears in bird feeders to snoozing to Springsteen, Melissa Block recounts a trio of oddball things governors from Vermont, North Dakota and New Jersey have had to deal with in the last week or so.

Frozen Cows Present Dilemma In Rockies

Six dead cows, likely part of a herd of 29 cattle that went missing last fall, were recently found frozen solid in a cabin high in the Rocky Mountains. Melissa Block talks to Scott Snelson, district ranger for the Aspen-Sopris District for the White River National Forest, about how the forest service plans to dislodge the cows.

Also in Strange News

Tucson Zoo Crowdsources For Elephant Food

Leafy greens aren't easy to come by in the desert, and when the Reid Park Zoo in Tucson welcomed five new elephants, they quickly realized they would need help locating branches for the pachyderms to snack on. So, they put out an open call to area residents. They asked for African sumac, mesquite, mimosa and fig leaves, among other plants. Audie Cornish talks with the zoo's general curator about his crowd-sourcing for elephant snacks. - READ MORE

Rogue Rooster Boosts Business At Tenn. Chicken Joint

In Collierville, Tenn., a popular chicken restaurant has had a guest loitering in front of the business for the past few months. It's not a vagrant or someone looking for a handout. - READ MORE

Vancouver Backs Down On Bagpipe Busking Ban

A ban on buskers playing bagpipes in a Canadian city has been lifted after an international outcry and anger among the world's top pipers. - READ MORE

A DJ Kit You Can Take For A Spin — On Your Bike

With sensors that translate the motions of a bike — turning the handlebars, spinning the wheels, etc. — into customizable sounds, the Turntable Rider "is an epic bicycle accessory which converts a bicycle into a musical instrument," according to Cogoo, the company that created the device. - READ MORE

Ploompf!! Pillow Fights Erupt Across The Globe

If it's not already marked on your calendar, here's your warning: Saturday is International Pillow Fight Day. Cities around the world are taking the holiday seriously — as serious as a pillow fight can be, anyway. - READ MORE

Chinese Teen Sells Kidney For iPad And iPhone

An iPhone and and iPad were worth more to a Chinese teenager than his kidney, according to a report from China's Xinhua news agency on Friday. Now five people in southern China face charges of illegal organ trading. - READ MORE

Small Town's Police Blotter Is A Riot

Since Sgt. Jennifer Shockley first started compiling the Unalaska crime report six years ago, she's written about vampire attacks, herds of feral horses chasing down cyclists, and more local mischief. - READ MORE

Real-Life 'Snake On A Plane' Jolts Pilot

Australian pilot Braden Blennerhassett had to make an emergency landing after he discovered a snake in the cockpit. Audie Cornish and Robert Siegel have more. - READ MORE

Proposal Letter Found 60 Years Later

Dick Hauck proposed to his wife, Arlene several decades ago in a love letter that was eventually lost. But a couple of contractors found it last week while remodeling Arlene's childhood home in Brooklyn Center, Minnesota. Audie Cornish and Robert Siegel tell us more. - READ MORE

Ten Fun Things To Do After You Are Immortalized In A Wax Museum

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have now had their likenesses done in wax. But what are the advantages of this star treatment? - READ MORE