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Songs For Stuffing: A Thanksgiving Mix

Whether you're having turkey, turducken, tofurkey or fish tacos, Thanksgiving is about family, food and the soul-deadening stress of logistics. So here's a mix designed to help you keep your mind on the bonding-fueled feast that justifies it all.

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The Lonely Forest: A Catchy Call To Arms

In "Turn Off This Song and Go Outside," the band urges listeners to get out of their own heads.

Guyz Nite: 'This One's For Dad'

"Father's Day" is an almost preposterously goodhearted, winningly sincere tribute to Dad.

KT Tunstall: A Candy-Coated Sneer

Carried by the drums, KT Tunstall's "Madame Trudeaux" stomps and rolls with glammy antagonism.

Gang Of Four: Back To The Best And Brightest

Gang of Four isn't reinventing anything, but it has a blast with its second lease on life.

Oh No Oh My: The Head vs. The Heart

In "Brains," Oh No Oh My nicely sums up the age-old conflict between thoughts and feelings.

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Sharon Van Etten: A Love Song For Everyone

"Love More" works in slow motion, but with an uncharacteristically bold and dramatic statement attached: As the song progresses, she lets a bleak and troubled past lay the groundwork for a tiny mantra to live by. - READ MORE

Song Premiere: Drugs Of Faith, 'Hidden Costs'

"Hidden Costs" has the kind of intro that beckons the circular finger motion to start the pit. Unlike the faster-than-fast drive of most grindcore, there's a dynamic push-and-pull at play, more suited to the controlled anarchy of the mosh. - READ MORE

Harvey Danger: How And Why To Say Goodbye

Anyone who's had a lousy 2010 would do well to jam "The Show Must Not Go On" as the clock strikes midnight. It'll make a powerful soundtrack to a much-needed drowning of the past. - READ MORE

'Video Games Live': Mario As Muse

Martin Leung's solo piano rendition of Koji Kondo's Super Mario theme music underlines the wit and invention of the source material. The result reveals just how much the composer inserted into what might have been a throwaway project. - READ MORE