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Keep the sanitizer on your hands and out of your mouth.

Teenagers' Latest Bad Idea: Drinking Hand Sanitizer

Teenagers are turning to hand sanitizer in search of a cheap legal buzz, poison control centers report. Doctors say it's dumb, and dangerous.
Rice farmer Alexi Rochnel shows his blank cholera vaccination card. April is the beginning of Haiti's rainy season, which will likely intensify Haiti's cholera outbreak.

Sebelius To Lend Support To Vaccination Projects In Haiti

Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius is expected to show her support for two big vaccination initiatives in Haiti, including one against cholera. Previously, U.S. health officials have reportedly been cool to the cholera pilot project .

FDA Delays Sunscreen Label Redo

To avert summer shortages, the agency has delayed changes to sunscreen labels.

Jobs And College Pose Big Challenges For Young People With Autism

The first two years after high school are particularly hard for people with autism, a study finds.

Pounding Away At America's Obesity Epidemic

The dramatic growth of obesity in the U.S is the subject of a new HBO documentary series.

Doctors' Due Diligence: Measuring Kids' Blood Pressure

Most primary care physicians do not recognize high blood pressure in at-risk children.

Feds Join Fight Against Whooping Cough In Washington

The state has seen a surge in confirmed cases of the disease, which can be deadly to infants.

FDA Leans On Device Makers To Cut X-Ray Doses For Kids

Labels may be used to warn doctors about equipment that doesn't limit X-ray doses for children.

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A Daughter With Down Syndrome Is The Perfect Sister

When Kelle Hampton's second daughter was born with Down syndrome, she grieved for the sisterly bond she thought would be robbed from her older daughter. But she quickly discovered that the girls' love for each other was strong. - READ MORE

Moms Often Overlook Toddlers' Weight Problems

More than two-thirds of the mothers participating in a recent study were inaccurate in their assessments. And the biggest problem was moms who thought their overweight toddlers were just fine. - READ MORE

School Bake Sales Draw Fire In Obesity Battle

The bake sale, a staple of school fundraising for generations, is getting squeezed. The epidemic of childhood obesity is leading some districts to restrict the kinds of foods sold or to ban the sales altogether, Bloomberg Businessweek's Stephanie Armour explained on Friday's Morning Edition. - READ MORE

Energy Drinks Can Take Teeth On An Irreversible Acid Trip

Dental researchers found that regular consumption of sports and energy drinks can contribute to tooth decay by because the acid in the beverages can erode the protective enamel. - READ MORE

What's Lost When Kids Don't Ride Bikes To School

As childhood obesity rates continue to rise, schools and parents look for ways to get kids off the couch. But the number of students who walk or ride their bikes to school has dropped from 48% in 1969 to just 13% in 2009. David Darlington talks about his Bicycling article, "Why Johnny Can't Ride." - READ MORE

In Global Rankings, US Fares Poorly On Premature Births

Babies are born too soon at a higher rate in the United States than in 125 other countries. The first worldwide rankings of preterm births show the problem isn't limited to the developing world. - READ MORE

As Diabetes Rises In Kids, So Do Treatment Challenges

A common pill to treat Type 2 diabetes showed disappointing results when used by adolescents. Adding another drug helped a little, but lifestyle changes didn't improve the kids' ability to control their blood sugar. - READ MORE

Children With Autism Are Often Targeted By Bullies

A new survey by the Interactive Autism Network found that nearly two-thirds of children with autism spectrum disorders have been bullied at some point. And it found that these kids are three times as likely as typical kids to have been bullied in the past month. - READ MORE

Swaddling and Shushing Help Soothe Babies After Vaccinations

Nobody wants to hear a baby cry. Researchers say the same techniques that soothe a colicky infant can help relieve the pain of vaccinations. - READ MORE

2 Years On, Gulf Families, Businesses Holding On

On April 20th, 2010, the Deepwater Horizon oil rig exploded in the Gulf of Mexico and set off the worst oil spill in U.S. history. Host Michel Martin speaks with researcher Irwin Redlener, who found that children suffered mental and physical stress from the spill. Martin also checks in with Byron Encalade, whose oyster business is struggling. - READ MORE