The Current's Surprise Hits Of 2011
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Peter Valelly and Jon Schober
Friday, December 30, 2011 at 2:00 PM
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The Twin Cities radio station played lots of hits in 2011, from Adele to Tom Waits. These five songs unexpectedly climbed the charts to become listener favorites.

This year has been flooded with crossover pop successes. Records like Adele's 21 and Foster the People's Torches have long had "smash success" written all over them, and with good reason — they're great records. But what may be of more interest, at least to some, are the hits that weren't preordained.

At The Current, a ton of the music we play resonates with our music team, our hosts and our audience. But these five songs came seemingly out of nowhere to capture a special place in our hearts and playlist. [Copyright 2011 KCMP-FM]

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