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The French Chef: Coq au Vin

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Learn how to make Coq au Vin on The French Chef. (WGBH)

Julia on Location in Provence: Cremerie

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Julia Child visits a cremerie while on location in Provence, France for The French Chef. (1970/WGBH Media Library & Archives)

Julia Child On France, Fat And Food On The Floor

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Bon Appetit: Chef Julia Child shows off a salade nicoise she prepared in the kitchen of her vacation home in southern France, in August 1978. (AP)

Listen to the interview from Fresh Air on WHYY

This interview was originally broadcast on Nov. 14, 1989.

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Meryl Streep: Julia Was 6'2" and Defiant

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Watch Meryl Streep's Julia Child Inspiration on PBS. See more from PBS Food.

Meryl Streep played the role of Julia Child in the 2009 film Julie & Julia by Nora Ephron. Here Streep talks about how she looked for what it was that created that sparkle within Julia.

Salade Niçoise

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Salade Niçoise
(Mediterranean Main-course Salad)

By now you've seen the clip of Julia in a raincoat, in the kitchen, declaring, "I'm drying lettuce!" In her introduction to her seventeenth episode of The French Chef, all about salads, she also mentions the importance of eliminating water from your greens.
Lettuce leaves must be dry when they are tossed for a salad, so you should wash them several hours before use. Shake off the water, spread the leaves on a towel, roll up loosely, and refrigerate; the towel will probably absorb the moisture.

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The French Chef: Elegance with Eggs

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Elegance with Eggs on The French Chef.

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Cooking legend Julia Child introduced French cuisine to American cooks in 1963 with WGBH’s pioneering television series, The French Chef. She was passionate about food and she changed the way Americans cook and eat. Find new pieces about Julia here every day — from tributes to early programs to cooking tips and recipes. As Julia herself said, "Bon appétit!"

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