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Governor: State Needs a Long-Term Transit Solution

By Toni Waterman & Sarah Birnbaum   |   Wednesday, March 28, 2012
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March 29, 2012

norwood mbta

The MBTA's proposal eliminates weekend service on three lines — not, however, the line that runs through Norwood, shown here. (Wikimedia)

> > VIDEO: Transportation secretary Richard Davey appears on Greater Boston after the announcement.
BOSTON — Gov. Deval Patrick said he supports the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority's final proposal to bridge a $185 million budget gap but warned that much work is to come.

“The T we inherited had a fatally flawed budget. It is burdened with Big Dig debt and pushing payments off into the future," Patrick said. "I don’t favor short-term patches. I prefer long-term solutions and long-term problem-solving. That’s going to be at the top of our agenda next year when the Legislature gets back.”

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MBTA Plans to Raise Fares, Cut Service

By Danielle Dreilinger   |   Tuesday, March 13, 2012
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Mar. 13, 2012

norwood commuter rail station

You might not be able to get there from here on weekends anymore: The MBTA says service cuts are to come. (Wikimedia)

BOSTON — In an open letter to MBTA users, state transportation secretary Richard Davey said Tuesday the plan to close a $159 million budget gap would include both fare hikes and service cuts. The letter was co-authored with acting MBTA general manager Jonathan Davis.

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Lawmakers: We Have to Fix the T ... Somehow

By Sarah Birnbaum   |   Monday, March 12, 2012
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Mar. 13, 2012

BOSTON — As the debate continues over proposed fare hikes and service cuts for Boston-area mass transit, advocates called Monday for a long-term solution to Massachusetts' transportation funding problems.
Over the past two months, commuters have packed public hearings to rail against potential fare hikes and service cuts. Faced with a budget gap of $160 million next year, the MBTA has proposed raising fares by as much as 40 percent and cutting weekend and nighttime service on the commuter rail.

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Yet More Fears over MBTA Fares

By WGBH News   |   Wednesday, March 7, 2012
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Mar. 7, 2012

mbta map

The policy group A Better City thinks this map should stay as is — but with a 25 percent fare hike.

BOSTON — Businesses will be drastically impacted if the MBTA institutes massive cuts in service and raises fares higher than what many can afford. That was the conclusion of a panel of experts convened by the organization A Better City in downtown Boston on Mar. 5.

The panel focused on the economic fallout of the proposed cuts and heard from company leaders, politicians and activists.

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Emotions Run High at Malden MBTA Hearing

By Ibby Caputo   |   Friday, February 17, 2012
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Feb. 17, 2012

malden mbta

Some of the people who wait at the Malden subway platform every weekday voiced their opinions at a Feb. 16 public hearing. (Pi.1415926535/Wikimedia)

MALDEN, Mass. — Media attention focused this week on the MBTA hearings at the Boston Public Library, where hundreds staged a protest — but transit users in the outskirts of the Orange Line are just as mad.

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The Real Impact of MBTA Cuts: A Mattapan Story

By Toni Waterman   |   Tuesday, January 17, 2012
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Jan. 17, 2012

BOSTON -- Even the most seasoned T rider has probably never heard of the Mattapan High Speed line: the old orange-and-tan above-ground trolley that connects Mattapan to Ashmont Station in Dorchester, which in turn connects to the rest of Boston.
Since it’s one of the lesser-used lines in the city, the MBTA is considering cutting its weekend service — a savings of $1.5 million a year. But for riders like Tasheaka Buchanan, the cut means one thing: being stranded.

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The Fare and Service Plan

On July 1, the T will introduce fare increases and service cuts to cover a $159 million budget gap for the next fiscal year. Read the plan on mbta.com.


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