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International Models for the T: Your Thoughts

By WGBH News   |   Wednesday, May 2, 2012
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Washington Metro map

BOSTON — A number of responses to our "How You'd Fix the T" survey mentioned other cities and countries that show how good a good transit system can be ... possibilities explored by WGBH's Phillip Martin in his story "How to Create a World-Class Transit System."


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MBTA Cuts: The Impact on Communities of Color

By WGBH News   |   Tuesday, May 1, 2012
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Basic Black continues WGBH News' focus on the Massachusetts Bay Transit Authority with a discussion exploring the significance of the MBTA in communities of color.

In regards to proposed service cuts, Marvin Venay, executive director of the Massachusetts Black and Latino Legislative Caucus, warned, "You’re looking at a reduction in families’ access to work, you’re looking at families’ access to even health care and you’re also talking about education."

Former Transportation Chief: The T's Troubles

Friday, April 27, 2012
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April 27, 2012

red line

The Red Line. (ockam/Flickr)

CAMBRIDGE, Mass. — Fred Salvucci headed the state transportation department under two governors. He rode the #1 bus with WGBH's Bob Seay and gave his take on what's wrong with the MBTA and how to fix it. Their conversation, in five parts:

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Your Top 5 Ideas to Fix the T

By WGBH News   |   Friday, April 27, 2012
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April 27, 2012
We asked how you'd fix the T, and you answered … often in very well-informed detail. In all the analysis and ideas, five suggestions emerged as the most popular.
Which idea do you like the best? Vote on Facebook.

Update, May 3: Richard Davey, head of the Mass. Department of Transportation, weighed in.
1. Expand service — more riders = more revenue

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Riding Routes of Poetry

Friday, April 27, 2012
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April 26, 2012


D Street Intersection (conbon33/Flickr)

BOSTON — Liam Day is writing a series of poems inspired by riding the MBTA bus routes. In each poem, like the view from each bus ride, his passing look at the city tells us something about what it means to be human.

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'Tourist Train' Status: Delayed

By Sean Corcoran   |   Thursday, April 26, 2012
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April 27, 2012

hyannis train station

Planners believe a summer weekend train from Boston to Hyannis would run in the black. (Sean Corcoran/WGBH)

HYANNIS, Mass. — Summer on the Cape means beaches, boating and sun. It's a boon for Cape businesses — but a hassle for everyone getting there, with traffic from Braintree to Bourne and beyond. An influx of tourists each summer doubles the Cape's population to 215,000.
Transportation officials expected to launch a new weekend train service from Boston to the Cape this summer to help ease that congestion. But with the MBTA facing its most significant budget crises in its history, the service is now on hold — and not because it would cost the MBTA money. It wouldn't. But with fare hikes and budget cuts on the table, launching a new train service to the Cape could be a political blunder.

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About WGBH News Focus: The MBTA

Love it, like it or lump it, the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority touches nearly everyone's lives in eastern Mass. And it's in financial crisis, with newly announced fare hikes not enough to cover next year's projected $100 million budget deficit. WGBH News features special focus coverage of the tracks and troubles of our public transit system.

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The WGBH News team comprises the WGBH radio newsroom, The Callie Crossley Show, The Emily Rooney Show and WGBH Channel 2 reporters and producers from Greater Boston and Basic Black. 

"If I Ran the T ..."

Everyone who's ever rode on the T has an opinion about what problem they'd change first. If you were in charge, where would you start? Let us know.

The Fare and Service Plan

On July 1, the T will introduce fare increases and service cuts to cover a $159 million budget gap for the next fiscal year. Read the plan on mbta.com.


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