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WGBH and Boston Promote Summer reading

Wednesday, August 18, 2010
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BooksWGBH’s Kids Media Matters and the City of Boston are partnering this summer to promote reading to local children. WGBH President Jon Abbott, VP for Children’s Media and Educational Programming Brigid Sullivan, and special friend Arthur joined Mayor Tom Menino at the Tadpole Playground on Boston on July 15 to announce that WGBH will give 5,000 books to the City of Boston’s ReadBoston Storymobile Program. Among the books being donated are Arthur’s Reading Race by Marc Brown; Martha and Skits by Susan Meddaugh; and Curious George Finds a Friend, adapted by Steven Krensky.

Attendees show off their new books.
Mayor Thomas Menino, Arthur and WGBH President Jon Abbott hand out books to attending children.
Attendees enjoying some of the 5,000 books donated to the ReadBoston Storymobile program.

Mayor Tom Menino, VP for Children’s Media and Educational Programming Brigid Sullivan, and Arthur pose for a picture.

Classical Connections

Thursday, August 12, 2010
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Wintertime Hideouts

By Cathy Huyghe   |   Thursday, August 12, 2010
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Looking for hot food, warming drinks, and a cozy atmosphere?

These venues fit the bill. Our top three choices for wintertime hideouts are below.

WHAT: Neptune Oyster
WHERE: 63 Salem Street, Boston
WHY: As big as a shoebox (18 seats). Food is almost as good as the atmosphere, especially if you’re having the Neptunes on Piggyback appetizer or the Vitello Tonnato sandwich. North End-worthy Italian wines on the list too.

WHAT: Green Street Grill
WHERE: 280 Green Street, Cambridge
WHY: Drink may be the most fanciful cocktail place in Boston, but Green Street is still the best for artfully made cocktails. The bartenders are professionals who take the business of putting together good drinks very seriously. As for food: lots of braising and grilling going on – time to warm up! — plus fun snacks if you’re just hanging out.

WHAT: Hungry Mother
WHERE: 233 Cardinal Medeiros Avenue, Cambridge
WHY: Southern cuisine, French twists, all kinds of homestyle charm. Killer cocktails and fantastic if tiny draft beer list too.

South End walking tour for foodies

By Cathy Huyghe   |   Thursday, August 12, 2010
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The South End neighborhood of Boston is flush these days with street after street of destinations for lovers of food, wine, drinks, and all things culinary. Walk the streets, however, and you realize that the neighborhood is also full of a creative, gritty energy that’s nothing short of invigorating.

Our photo essay gives you a taste of the South End’s creative vibe. Visually and virtually, of course, but a taste nonetheless!

Wednesday Wine Itinerary for Boston

By Cathy Huyghe   |   Thursday, August 12, 2010
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Not sure if you’ve noticed, but Wednesdays have become the wine lover’s highlight of the week in Boston.

Here, hypothetically, could be your itinerary on any given Wednesday, should you wish to pursue the pleasures of wine from one part of town to another.

All that’s required: good friends, an open heart, and fare for the T ride home.

Start at 5pm at Federal Wine & Spirits on State Street. The place is cavernous, the steps downstairs to the tasting are treacherous, and the wines they pour are always (always) worth the effort. This week they’re doing wines that taste much more expensive than they cost.

Hungry yet? Head over to the Bristol Lounge at the Four Seasons and pull up a leather club chair for their Burgers & Burgundy offering. Anytime between 5 and 10:30pm, order their super-special Bristol burger (with truffle fries, housemade pickles, and Vermont cheddar cheese) with two half-glasses of Burgundy, all for $30.

Next it’s time for the live entertainment portion of the evening. That would be at Gordon’s Fine Wine & Culinary Center in Waltham for their Bar Wars series from 7 to 8:30pm. One featured liquor (Jameson whiskey this time around), two of Boston’s best bartenders (reigning champ Ray Guerin of Tuscan Grill versus challenger Sean D’Abbraccio of Solea), with the audience’s votes sending the winner on to the next round.

Then, for a light finish to the evening, try Sel de la Terre‘s Long Wharf location for oysters shucked fresh at $1 each from 10pm to 12:30am. Round those out with a crisp sparkling wine or a clean Sauvignon Blanc, and you’ve got yourself quite a nightcap.

Lunch with the ladies: Swanee Hunt at No. 9 Park

By Cathy Huyghe   |   Thursday, August 12, 2010
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Tune into WGBH on any given day, and you’ll find a lot of amazing ladies.

Ladies taking on the news of the day.

Ladies who know their music.

Even ladies championing “nerd pride.”

And while all this is going on in Brighton, No. 9 Park restaurant on Beacon Hill invited ladies of its own last week with its Ladies Who Lunch series, welcoming Swanee Hunt, former US ambassador to Austria. Hunt was the fourth guest speaker in the series, addressing the professional women who had gathered in No. 9 Park’s dining room to socialize and network.

“It’s hard for us to get out and meet smart, professional women,” said chef-owner Barbara Lynch at the beginning of the lunch, which is why she and her staff initiated the Ladies Who Lunch series last year. The phrase “ladies who lunch” may conjure certain retro images, but this event clearly was not about conservative traditions.

It was about breaking them.

“The United States ranks 85th in the world in terms of women’s representation in Congress,” Hunt said in her address to the audience. ”You have to ask each other to run for Congress. I want every table in this room to nominate one woman to run. Politics is a nasty business, but we will have a different world if we go into a situation where women are affecting public policy.”

As No. 9′s staff served a three-course lunch, Hunt discussed her work: “I work in war zones, in 40 different conflict areas like Iraq, Haiti and Afghanistan,” she said. “Women reach across. Women know how much a bag of rice costs, and we know where the unhappy 18-year-old lives who’s sleeping with a machine gun under his bed.”

It was a powerful image from a powerful woman. How many of the women listening will become politically involved as a result of Hunt’s encouragement remains to be seen, but it is difficult to imagine any of us being unmoved by the idea.

Find out more about Swanee Hunt and No. 9 Park.

Cathy Huyghe writes the WGBH Foodie blog. Read new WGBH Foodie posts every weekday, in which Cathy explores myriad ways and places to experience good food and wine.

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