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Lawn Care Tips

By Paul Epsom   |   Wednesday, August 25, 2010
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By Paul Epsom from The Victory Garden

Here's what's growing this weekend.

We're talking about lawns. Now that winter is over and we're well into spring—if you haven't already, it's time to get out there and clear all the fallen branches and other debris off your front and back yards.

Assuming the soil is warm enough—check the pH—if the pH of the soil is between 6 and 7 the lawn should do well. If it is lower than that— it's too acidic—and you should add some lime to correct it. You can buy lime at any local hardware store. Spread it evenly across the lawn with a walk-behind spreader.

Next step is to aerate. Compacted soil has no space for water or air, nor does it have growing room for roots—aerating the soil—or poking holes in it—lets it breathe—this can be done with special aerating shoes, spikes, or specially manufactured aerators.

Then it's time to fertilize. I'd recommend an organic fertilizer—which should be applied before grass first starts to grow—and if you haven't done this already—you should definitely do it this week.

It all comes down to these three tips:

1. Make sure your mower is sharp.
2. Never cut your grass too short.
3. And when mowing, leave a light layer of grass clippings on the lawn—this actually helps add nutrients back into the soil.

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Period Finish On Trestle Table

Wednesday, May 4, 2011
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On this program we';re going to be talking about surface preparation and finishes—working with the trestle table that we made a few weeks ago.

We finished this table with oil, shellac, and wax—which is what I use on most of my projects. Today we'll be focusing on some of the problems you can face with finishes and we’ll show you some of the techniques you really need to be aware of to make finishing less intimidating.

Then it's time for our Rough Cut Road Trip where we'll meet up with world-renowned finisher Christine Thomson who will teach us all we need to know about finishes.

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